Is this the worlds cheapest professional camera?

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645 Pro App for iPhone


The technology that goes into making a digital camera these days is amazing. At the same time the cost of digital technology has dropped drastically over the last few years.  However, if you are wanting to own a professional grade digital camera then you are looking at several thousand dollars of outlay.  That is not to mention all the accessories that you are likely to need such as additional lenses, flashes and tripods etc.  That is just too much for many people.  They have mouths to feed and bills to pay.  

One solution is to use the digital camera that many people already own and sits in their pocket.  Smart phones have become the worlds most popular cameras, and it is not hard to see why.  They are small, easy to use and produce reasonably good results. The current leader in smart phone technology is the iPhone from Apple.  While other smart phone manufacturers are catching up, I think it is still true to say that the iPhone leads the way (some of you might disagree). Having the best and most expensive camera in the world will not take great photos, if you don't have it with you.  Most high end digital cameras are big and bulky, making them difficult to keep with you unless you are specifically going somewhere to take photos, and you know that you are going to need your camera.  However, many photo opportunities present themselves when least expected.  Those are the times when you reach into your pocket and bring out your iPhone.  

You snap away in the hope that you will take that amazing photo that everyone talks about.  You don't have to worry about how many images you capture because you can just delete the ones you don't need.  Once you have your image captured it is easy to share it with friends, family or the entire world. A couple of clicks and your artwork is whisked off into the cloud where everyone can enjoy it.

Of course we have to remember that the iPhone is just that, a phone.  It is not specifically designed to be a camera. While it does do a great job, it has to balance many roles in an incredibly small form factor.  This is where the app store comes in.  Software developers have realised that there is room for improvement and have developed apps that will enhance the iPhones digital cameras capabilities.  These apps let you produce panoramas, create HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos and apply filters, amongst many other things.  While most of these apps are great, I believe if you want an app that truly has the feel of a professional imaging device and not just a  gimmick then the 645 Pro app is in a class of its own.  It is designed to be used by professional photographers and has many of the features found on high end digital backs.  While this could never be considered as a replacement for a high end camera, it does do a very good job of what it is supposed to do. Taking photos. At the end of the day it is limited by the physical build of the iPhone.  No inter-changeable  lenses, no incredibly high ISO etc.  The iPhone is the iPhone and the app can only work with what its got, but it does a very good job of it. Simply put it will give you the best image quality that is possible to get out of an iPhone. I won't bore you with all the technical details, you can look them up yourself.  It is simple to use and the best part is that it only costs  $2.99.  Now for that price you really can't go wrong.  Do yourself a favor. Click this link and download the app today.



1. Maximum image quality
645 PRO develops HI-quality JPEGs with the option of MAX-quality JPEGs. And you can save the unmodified dRAW data in TIFF format for later post-processing.

2. Intuitive handling
645 PRO has all its key controls “on-camera”, providing instant access to everything.

3. Ultimate control
If it can be controlled, 645 PRO lets you control it on your iPhone.

4. Spot metering
With 645 PRO you can choose between standard Multi-Zone metering approach and more targeted Spot metering.

5. Low-light performance
Using Night Mode, 645 PRO has shutter speeds of up to 1 second, to open up even the darkest evening scene.

6. Interchangeable bodies
Choose the look you want—the verve of Rosso or understated Classic.

7. Interchangeable backs
With five backs, 645 PRO can deliver all the leading medium format ratios from a 6x6 square to 6x17 panoramic.


8. Professional film modes

645 PRO has seven color and B&W film modes inspired by classic film stock.

9. Live Preview
The Viewfinder can show you exactly what you will capture, so you can work with the characteristics of your chosen film mode. 

10. Interchangeable focusing screens
Choose between crosshairs, Rule of Thirds or an architectural grid, keeping everything horizontal with the split-screen spirit level.

11. Real-time histogram
See how your image is balanced across five stops of exposure—even before you’ve taken it!

12. Essential information
With its always-on LCD Display, 645 PRO shows you everything you need to know about your camera, from the ISO and shutter speed to the current flash and battery status.









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