Magical Mystery Tour

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Exploring the Wide Bay

A magical mystery tour. 

I guess most people when they get in a car have a fairly good idea where they are going, but not me. I love nothing more than having no idea where I am going and just seeing where I end up.  Such was the case yesterday when me and my wife, Smudge, got in the x-trail and headed north. That was all the planning we had done.  I guess we could have gone south or west, but north seemed to be calling us.

After filling up the car with fuel, we headed on up the Bruce Highway.  We knew we didn't want to go too far.  We didn't leave till just after lunch and we did not plan to stay the night anywhere, so the distance would have to be limited.  After traveling a little way up the Bruce highway, we realised that there were very few turns off the road.  The road Gods seemed to want us to go to Childers.  Now, I have nothing against Childers, but if I am going to go there, I want it to be because I have decided to go there and not because that is the way the road goes.  We kept on looking for turns off the highway, but we were surrounded by National forest.  For anyone who does not know Queensland, and is imagining great Oak forests and lush foliege, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but here we make do with snake infested bushland with the odd tree that looks more like a twig than an actual tree.  Anyway, I digress.  Just before we got to Childers we finally noticed a road on our right.  Of course we took it.  There were no signs saying where it actually went, but we took it anyway.  

Walkers Point - Woodgate BeachA dead tree sitting on the beach as waves lap around its roots.

Walkers Point - Woodgate BeachA beautiful view of the foreshore at Walkers Point











We were heading east, towards the sea, and so we knew that we were unlikely to come across a relation of Ivan Millat.  Everyone knows that they only pick on people heading west.  We knew that at some point, we would get to the ocean.  The only question we had was where that would actually be. So we kept driving and after about half an hour we eventually came across the small town of Woodgate Beach.  

It did not take us long to find the Esplanade along with its fantastic beach.  The wind was blowing a bit of a gale but we stuck our feet in the water, none-the-less.  We could not help noticing that despite having a fantastic beach, there was nobody in the water.  We wondered if that was because there was a steep drop off into the water.  It would not take much to be completely out of your depth here and there was not a lifeguard or beach patrol in sight.  If you got into trouble here, you really would be in trouble.

We made our way to the local drinking establishment and after partaking of some fermented apple juice, we looked for somewhere to eat.  On arriving in Woodgate we noticed a general store that also sold fish and chips.  We we really hungry and so we ordered some food.  We should have realised that a place that serves torches, newspapers, jandals and all manner of other goods would be a poor choice as an eating establishment. Needless to say I did not eat the sad excuse for fish and chips that they served up. 

We ended up following the road down to a place called Walkers Point. You can see where it is by looking at the map.  You will probably have to zoom out a bit.  This is a lovely place where the Burrum River meets the sea.  When we first got there, the sun was still high in the sky.  No good for taking photos.  We were going to have to wait a bit. We took a bit of a walk along the beach, but being the intrepid explorers that we are not, we were scared that we would get cut off by the incoming tide or washed out to sea.  None of that happened, but we did not venture too far.  After trying a few test shots to help me figure out my compositions, we waited for the sun to lower in the sky. This was aided my more fermented apple juice.  It's not all hard work being a photographer. Anyway, after an hour or so the sun was behaving itself and I could start taking photos.  I am pleased with the results. 

As you can see the beach is not manicured and pristine like many tourist beaches.  This place has probably looked the same for thousands of years. Dead trees littered the beach.  Perfect for any photographers who happen to be strolling by. I placed my camera on a tripod and used the inbuilt timer to release the trigger.  I wanted the camera to be as steady as possible.  That is not an easy task in wet sand when the wind is blowing. By using a long exposure I was able to blur the movement of the water.   Giving it a silk like appearance.  The setting sun bringing out the colours of the water and sky. 

Although a great place to take photos from, I was disappointed to find a clear plastic fertilizer bag half buried in the sand. This sort of stuff is killing the oceans.  Animals like turtles eat this stuff thinking that it is jelly fish.  They end up dying.  Seriously people, clear up your shit when you go to the beach.  After taking the photo I pulled the bag from the sand.  My good deed for the day. Shortly after, we headed back home. Although exhausted, we had a great day.  It all goes to show, that sometimes you should take your self on a magical mystery tour.  You never know what you will find.  



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